We know, we know — it may seem just a teensy bit early to get so psyched for summer. But once you hear the ~far out~ plans we’ve got in store for you, we know you’ll warm up to the idea quickly! 🌞

So, here’s the deal: you know the iconic, multi-award-winning slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers”? Of course you do. Heck, you might even have the bumper sticker! (1,000,000 bonus points if you do.) Well, if you can believe it, 2019 marks the 50-year anniversary of that slogan! To commemorate this semicentennial birthday with a celebration of the golden jubilee proportions it deserves, we’re teaming up with the Virginia Tourism Corporation to bring you a summer-long series of awesome events. 50 Years of Love deserves no less! ❤️💜❤️

Inspired by the people, events and iconic cultural movements of 1969, this “Summer of Love Tour” will launch in June and connect you to experiences throughout Loudoun’s towns and villages. Featuring 13 “tour stops” that culminate in the ultimate Summer of Love Music Festival in August, these summertime events will range from groovy live music concerts, blast from the past movie nights and flower power crafting to vintage shopping, artisan pop-ups and fruity-fun farm adventures. So, for those of you whose year revolves around festival season, mark your calendars now! 📅🔜🌸  

As the proud home of DC’s Wine Country and the LoCo Ale Trail, we’ll also be collaborating with some of our amazing partners to create “50 Years of Love” wine and beer 🍷🍺❤️ And to sweeten the summer “tour” experience, we may or may not have a circa 1970 VW bus from Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles making an appearance at each stop, acting as a mobile visitor center and Instagram hot spot to help you #ShareWhatYouLove 🚐😏🤳 

Do all you Loudoun groupies out there feel the Summer of Love hype yet?! We are thrilled to bring you this special experience and we hope it will be a fun reminder of what makes Virginia so loveable. So, as you plan out all your vacations this year, we encourage you to make some time for the Summer of Love! We can’t wait for each of you to join in the fun and about Loudoun and Virginia. See you on tour ✌️😎✨

Peace ☮️ and love 💜, 


summer of love