“Player’s Prison” may sound like an awful place to end up on a golf course, and at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club, it is. It’s one of the course’s pot bunkers. The hazards, which are signatures of ScoRaspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Clubttish courses, were added to enhance Raspberry Falls' links-style design, which also features dramatic rolling terrain, meandering streams and spectacular scenery. A Gary Player Design, Raspberry Falls includes other treacherous pot bunkers such as No. 11’s “Grant’s Tomb,” No. 13’s “Motley’s Revenge,” the dreaded “Satan’s Foxhole” on No. 14, and No. 16’s “Myrtle Beach,” a behemoth 30-foot wide bunker that forces players to find a way down the 12-foot deep hole. The only advice the pro shop will give dazed golfers like me in playing these bunkers is: “Sometimes you’ll have to hit your ball backwards.” Not very encouraging. The good news is that the golf carts at Raspberry Falls have GPS navigation systems, so no matter where I find myself on the course, I’ll always know how far I am from the hole. But don't get me wrong. I love Raspberry Falls. It is very well maintained and a good challenge. And I have to add, as a (scratch) golfer, I still love the fact that when I hit the shot of my life, driving the green on the par four 6th, that I had three witnesses playing with me to see it (and to validate it to the 2,000 people I've told the story to since then... Thanks Greg, Cheryl and Jennifer!)

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