We here at Visit Loudoun live, breathe, and work Loudoun. And it doesn’t stop at the end of the work day. Loudoun is a pet friendly destination and the pets of Visit Loudoun know it! We love taking our dogs for long walks on the W&OD or Appalachian Trail. Strolling the streets of Middleburg, stopping at retail shops for treats, and people watching from the patios at the local restaurants and cafes.  Or stopping by a local winery to enjoy a day of fresh air, good fun, and good wine for us fortunate owners! Whatever you and your dog are into, there’s plenty of fun for you both here in Loudoun. For information on pet-friendly Loudoun businesses and attractions, click here.

We'd like to introduce you to our pets and hope to see you and your furry friends out and about one day!

Brian's Roxy: Roxy is my Cavachon that enjoys socks, her stuffed Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live, and rotisserie chicken. She's really good at begging for food, hiding food, and playing dead for food. She's the most loving dog I've ever been around, constantly on the lookout to snuggle. She loves her family, especially her Daddy.

Karin's Bella: Bella Vita is 14 years old and has a beautiful life since being rescued from a dog hoarder last year. With prepared meals every day, bi-monthly spa treatments at PetSmart, and nightly belly rubs, this old lady is living the life of luxury.

Wendy's Buca: My mixed breed named Buca came to us as a stray. She looks like a bear cub by winter as her fur is so long and fluffy. For many years she was an amazing running partner. Now as a senior pup you can see in her face she is mad as I lace up my running shoes but I will always return so she can show off what an amazing walking partner she has become. She is the best old pup ever!

Karin's Shelby: Shelby is the perfect, low maintenance, easy to care for dog. She is 13 years old, laid back, but very antisocial. She keeps to herself, sleeps all day, and with partial deafness she never barks or cause a commotion with people. Shelby is drama free and enjoying her senior years in peace and quiet.

Anna's Gabby: Gabby is just the most lovable toy poodle. We adopted her from a shelter in West Virginia. She was so shy and frightened when we got her, but now she rules the house, follows me from room to room, and gets very upset when I get dressed to go to work. She even will try to pull off my clothes!

Jeremy's Daisy Duke: This was my dog, Daisy Duke. We got her in 1980 when "The Dukes of Hazzard" was at its height (obviously). She used to sit up on her hind legs on an arm chair with her paw on the armrest like a little lady. She lived a full 17 years.