Oktoberfest has become a worldwide phenomenon and has deep roots right here in Loudoun. For the next four weeks, the county will celebrate this beloved festival with events and beer releases happening every weekend. A German native, Lansdowne Resort & Spa Chef and Director of Culinary Operations Marcus Repp gives us a glimpse into his love of the season and how he brings a taste of his heritage to Loudoun.

My Dad, Kurt, always said, “There is a season for everything, and let’s be honest: everybody wants to be German in October.”  I am German … That’s not only a statement about my heritage but also my culture. Growing up in Germany, fall was always a special time of year for me and my family. We had many traditions surrounding the season of Oktoberfest, pressing fresh apple cider and enjoying comfort food.

It’s so special for me to see my heritage and culture celebrated here in Loudoun County — it truly makes me feel like I am home.  As the Director of Culinary at Lansdowne Resort and Spa, I’ve added a few traditional German items to our menu. There is always a silver lining with German cooking in my menus; we are using a Spanferkel (roasted Pig) on our banquet menu and a home-cured Salmon recipe dating back to my Dad’s cure that he used for bacon.

To celebrate the holiday, we will host Oktoberfest in our Virginia Tavern, Coton and Rye, from September 25th - October 20th, as well as an outdoor festival on October 11th. I’ve been at Lansdowne since 2016 and always wanted to do an Oktoberfest. It only took me three years to finally plan this awesome event at our resort! I have found the best German sausages from my good friend Lothar who has a most incredible butcher shop in Purcellville. The Oktoberfest Maerzen will be provided by Bear Chase Brewing and we might even have some giant pretzels. I hope you can join our Lansdowne family in celebrating my cultural traditions!



Ready for life on Märzen?

Explore all the Oktoberfest celebrations in Loudoun, happening every weekend through mid-October! #FindYourStein

Autumn is for ale! Join us in Loudoun for all the liveliest, most authentic "Oktoberfestivities."