The Wine Kitchen in historic downtown Leesburg is one of our new Loudoun Destination Restaurants

The Wine Kitchen in historic downtown Leesburg is one of nine new Loudoun Destination Restaurants

For local flavor, plan a visit to these establishments

As we posted in our last update, Visit Loudoun was completing the process to name our new Loudoun Destination Restaurants (see here). We're excited to announce the results for 2010 which were named at a press conference today at the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg.

Destination Restaurants are defined by the International Culinary Tourism Association as "a restaurant that is so interesting, different or special that people travel just to eat there.” And the restaurants we have selected definitely fit that bill. The specific criteria that restaurants need to meet are presented in detail in my last post, but restaurants need to provide a quality experience, create a cultural/authentic experience, utilize locally grown products, including food and Loudoun wine, and be a  favorite of locals. The Loudoun restaurants selected are:

These restaurants will be featured in our upcoming Touring Guide to Loudoun, Virginia: DC's Wine Country which will be published in early May. To reserve a copy, send us an email with your name and address.

We encourage you to make plans to experience one or more of these establishments on your next visit. Bon Appetit!