[one_fourth]World famous for our rich equestrian heritage, Loudoun County is also home to the nation’s oldest horse show – the annual Upperville Colt & Horse Show.

An ode to tradition and history, the show is a bucket list item for any equine enthusiast and well worth a trip. It has also been voted the Virginia Horse Shows’ Association Horse Show of the Year and is a designated World Championship Hunter Rider Show.

This extraordinary seven-day affair kicks off on June 2nd and involves over 2,000 horse and rider combinations. As the Show enters its 161st year, it will feature talented entrants from all across the country and abroad.

In addition to competitions, the week-long show offers pony rides, children’s games, an antique auto show, food vendors, arts & crafts exhibits, a petting zoo, a Basset Hound demonstration, terrier races, and the Pedigree Country Fair. The week culminates with the $100,000 Budweiser-Upperville Jumper Classic.

The event takes place at the famous (and picturesque) Grafton and Salem Farms Showgrounds, and runs through June 8th. Check out our listing and their website for more info.