We're lucky here in Virginia in that we truly have four seasons. And boy, has mother nature reminded us over the past two years that winter is one of them. And we've enjoyed it - building snowmen, taking pics of the new fallen snow, getting exercise by shoveling, and shoveling, and shoveling. But that doesn't mean we don't long for warmer, better weather. And since we here at Visit Loudoun haven't quite perfected time travel (although a quick visit to Oatlands or Aldie Mill will transport you to another time), we offer some visual escape. This photo depicts the pool at the Goodstone Inn & Estate just outside Middleburg. The pool is set inside the ruins the former Goodstone Mansion that stood on the spot, and it frames the pool in the most unique, elegant way. Betcha you'd be hard pressed to find a cooler pool house! Anyway, soak up the summer rays in this pic, picture yourself there, and be glad that groundhog didn't see his shadow. Spring is that much closer!