Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you’re feeling relaxed, rested and ready to hit the ground running in the new decade.


Of course, with a new year comes everyone’s favorite tradition — no, not noisemakers at midnight and finding glitter in your couch months later. The other favorite tradition: new year’s resolutions!

We know, we know… some people feel a bit anxious about resolutions, some consider them a bit of an eyeroll. But we’re here to tell you that resolutions don’t have to be intimidating. These little promises can be the encouragement you need to thrive in the new year. Trust us, looking back on what you achieved a year from now will bring you a sense of true pride, no matter how full-throttle or slow-but-steady your progress was. Because, honestly, the only thing you’re accountable for is enjoying this year, whatever that looks like for you.

So, lean into this fresh start and just take things day by day. Embrace this good excuse to reflect, set goals and grow. Whether you’re in search of resolution inspiration or our suggestions below align perfectly with what you’ve already dedicated yourself to, we hope you’ll look to Loudoun for motivation to get out, broaden your horizons and make this your best decade yet. Remember to use #LoveLoudoun when you post to social media so we can keep rooting for you all year long!

Focus on Your Wellness

There’s nothing like coming off the holidays to reignite your dedication to a healthy lifestyle! After months of shopping, decorating and cooking, the new year is a perfect opportunity to slow down and rejuvenate your mind and body with a “well-cation.” With the best wellness centers, restorative treatments and spas in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County is your relaxation destination! Plan your soothing getaway today.

See More Live Music

The roaring ‘20s are back, so it’s time to get your groove on! If you resolved to catch more tunes live, keep the new year spirit swinging throughout 2020 at Loudoun’s many musical venues — both traditional and unconventional. Whether it’s rocking with your favorite cover band at the iconic Tally Ho Theater or weekend jams at a winery or brewery, come discover why Loudoun County has been steadily gaining a reputation for music. Our growing population of local talent will blow you away with unforgettable performances of original songs and classic favorites!

Take a Solo Trip

If you’re feeling the urge to pack it up and “go it alone” for a trip… turns out, you’re actually not alone. The “solo travel” trend has been gathering momentum over the past couple years, and the adventure is far from over. As you plan vacations this year, vow to actually take the paid leave you’re allotted, and consider taking that time to yourself. You never know what benefits you’ll reap or what self-discoveries you’ll make in 2020 until you spend a little quality time away with… you. Luckily, there’s plenty in Loudoun to explore that only requires, “me, myself, and I!”

Learn Something New 

Did you promise yourself you’d learn something new this year? With Loudoun’s experimental craft beverage scene, historical landmarks and museums and creative entrepreneurial community, there are all kinds of friendly teachers everywhere you turn. Discover the art of the cocktail in time for the 100th anniversary of prohibition, try your hand at wood-staining for personalized home decor, whip up a 5-course meal on a 175-year-old former dairy farm, even stimulate a love for STEM in your kids… The list of learning in Loudoun goes on! Many of these opportunities are event-based, so stay tuned to our calendar for classes and exhibit openings galore.

Get Outside More

With the rise of smartphones and widespread free Wifi, we are more digitally connected than ever. And don’t get us wrong — as more than 70% of all daily global Internet traffic travels through our county — we certainly love logging in Loudoun. But, the fresh feeling of a new year reminds us why it’s so important to log out and get out every once in a while. That’s why so many of us have made the decision to reconnect with nature in 2020. So, trade in the tech for trees and exchange your carpal tunnel for getting your hands dirty at Loudoun’s many trails and parks.

Expand Your Palate

Even with the landmark of a new decade prompting us to reevaluate our choices, it’s only too easy to remain in the comfortable rut of ordering the same old thing at your go-to place down the street. Either that, or you might have made a vow to stick to pure protein and produce for the next 6 weeks. Our advice? Leave the meal-planned monotony at home and opt to explore Loudoun’s burgeoning foodie scene. Order something a little bit adventurous, and you may just discover your new favorite dish! After all, 3 of the 10 best restaurants in Northern Virginia call Loudoun home. 

Face a Fear

The start of a new year offers the perfect chance to change your perspective and see things from a new angle — say, from 50 feet up in the air or from the rapids of the Potomac River! If you vowed to face a fear this year, Loudoun’s got plenty of ways for you to prove to yourself how brave you really are. Scale the East Coast’s largest interior ropes course at Summit Ropes, soar with the birds on the ziplines of Empower Adventures, or paddle your heart out through white water wilderness at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. Show your inner scaredy cat who’s the big dog in charge and get your adrenaline pumping in Loudoun.

Shop Local

A resolution that really hits home for us this year is making an effort to dedicate more of our purchasing power to local businesses. Whether it’s your own home town or a community you’ve traveled to for the first time, supporting the brave entrepreneurs is a wonderful way to boost the economy and guarantee that you take home the highest-quality goods. Direct your attention away from endless screentime of listless online shopping and set an afternoon aside to browse through aisles at your total leisure. Whether you go in with a mission or just  leisurely browse, everyone knows that local goods make the most authentic souvenirs!