We know that April showers bring May flowers, but did you also know that for many people March Madness brings April sadness? If you still have your final four or even your champion team alive in your bracket then this blog is not for you. For those like me who picked a team to get the gold and wound up with nothing but sorrow and endless teasing from your friends and coworkers who passed you in the standings, this is for you. Watching your teams slowly fade away in a March Madness bracket is one of the worst feelings ever and it's hard to overcome. As someone who is going through that same pain, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do in Loudoun after I just can't stare at my busted bracket anymore:

TopGolfWhack Balls at TopGolf

When you are upset or angry, there is nothing more cathartic than holding a driver in your hands and hitting a golf ball so hard that you watch it soar to the back of the field. It's even better when you can do that while eating delicious food and grabbing a local beer from the tap. TopGolf is the perfect place to combine all of that. Get together with a group of your bracket hardened friends and head to TopGolf featuring a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground with micro-chipped balls to track your scores.

Knock Down Pins at The Zone

You don't want to see a giant "X" on your bracket, but you do want to see one on your bowling score. There is no better way of getting over the fear of an X" than going after one while bowling at The Zone. The Zone is also much more than a few bowling lanes. It is an all-in-one entertainment venue with great food, an even better bar and a lot of fun high-tech games making the experience enjoyable for even the guy with the most busted bracket.

Soar Through The Skies at iFlyiFly

Lift me up, up and away so I never have to come back down and realize that my bracket will never be good enough. iFly is an indoor skydiving that simulates true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. If you have dreams of flying, iFly makes it a reality. Take your mind off of the scores and your feet off of the ground.

Pedal to the Medal at Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Experience a thrill like no other. Nothing gets your mind off of that one missed shot that brought your bracket to a crumbling halt like revving your go-kart up to 50MPH on Loudoun's largest indoor karting facility - Autobahn Indoor Speedway. With over 40,000 square feet to drive and race your family or friends you can satisfy your need for speed in one of their unique, high speed electric Italian style pro-karts. 

Exit PlanPut Your Mind To Work with Exit Plan

When you are locked in a room for 60 minutes with nothing but your mind, a couple of vague clues and a lot of crazy puzzles, it is hard to think about anything else including the amount of red showing up on your bracket. Exit Plan is Loudoun's first and only escape room experience where you and your friends are locked in a scenario for 60 minutes and have to find your way out. What happens if you don't make it? You don't want to know.

I know it's hard. I feel your pain and I know it seems like it will never fade, but if you get out in Loudoun and participate in some of my favorite therapeutic activities by the time the finals come around you may even be able to root for a team. Share your adventures with us by using #LoveLoudoun