Loudoun only has one food truck (at the moment... but I'm looking at you, D.C.'s food trucks!) and its a great one. The owners Angel and Pia Miranda are from Chi-town, Second City, Windy City (hence the name, duh!)...  Chicago. And when they arrived in Northern Virginia, one of the things they missed most about Chicago was the food: hot dogs, Italian beef, pizza puffs and more. So after trying hot dogs around the area, they realized that in order to satisfy their cravings, they had to do it themselves. Lucky for us, we can share it with them. So even if you've never been to Chicago, one trip to Windy City and you'll be craving Chi-town grub too.

Walk up to the window (there's a second location at 28 South King Street in Leesburg's historic district), place your order, then grab a seat at one of the picnic tables. Most days you'll find Rodney Nuval, as welcoming as they come (he's also Miranda's father-in-law and a managing partner).

Along with hot dogs, WCRH offers chili dogs with cheese, Italian sausage, Maxwell Street Polish (beef polish sausage topped with mustard, grilled onions, sport peppers on a poppy seed bun), pizza puffs, and Italian beef with cheese and/or peppers. Of course, the specialty is its namesake: the Windy City Red Hot. Its a 100% pure beef hot dog topped with mustard, relish, onions, tomato, pickle, sport peppers and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. my favorite reviewer on Yelp declared: "I have no idea what twisted, demented, starving individual decided that it would be good to throw pickled items and vegetables onto a hot dog - but I bow down to them." Read more of their 4.5/5 star reviews on Yelp here.

This is Chicago from start to finish - they import everything from Second City - from the hot dogs to the beef to the bright green relish.

BREAKING NEWS! Windy City Red Hots is entered into the March Madness-Like bracket competition in Washingtonian's Food Truck Fight! If you filled out a bracket, pick them here and help them win!

Windy City is located in the parking lot of Bluemont Nursery on Route 7 east of Leesburg. Check out their website, find them on Facebook, and Twitter.