When it comes to a picture-perfect wedding day, having the right vendors makes all the difference in the world.

From the cake to the dress to the floral arrangements, the details are everything. They can make or break a big day. Luckily, in Loudoun County, our vendors are some of the best in the business.  And they’re all about making it all about you!

Recent newlyweds Angie Hinzey and Mike Blow (winners of last year’s Wedding in Wine Country Giveway) got to work with a whole host of top notch local vendors. “We were really appreciative of how the vendors allowed us to share our ideas and help us make it happen,” said Angie of her experience.

Engaged and considering saying “I Do” in DC’s Wine Country?  Or currently planning a wedding in Loudoun?  Here’s who helped Angie and Mike plan the wedding of their dreams:

Breaux Vineyards

“Seeing the sun go down at Breaux Vineyards -- seeing the rich colors in the area,” said Mike.  “It turned out to be great!”

Grandale Catering at 868 Estate Vineyards

“He [AJ at 868] really put us at ease, assuring us things would work out fine and that he and his team would take care of us. That helped alleviate a lot of concern,” said Angie.

“He just from minute one really put our minds at ease because he was so on top of things and had great ideas,” said Mike.

Dogwood Events

Mom's Apple Pie

“Mom’s Apple Pie -- it’s a good thing that they’re in Leesburg and that I can’t get there very easily because I would be there all the time,” Angie laughs.

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Ebrada Atelier

"Kathy, who designed my dress,  was incredibly thorough -- I think I had 8 or 9 fittings. The day of the wedding she made herself available the entire day. That doesn't happen for anybody! For her to set aside that many hours ... she did everything from helping people with random stains to adjusting people's hairpieces. She was awesome," Angie raves.

Olivera Music Entertainment

Alimond Photography

"Aliyah, our photographer, was really great as a one person team. She rode the party limo bus with us and she did it so gracefully! To capture such candid interactions between people was really nice," Angie says.

Salamander Resort

Reston Limousine

"Working with Reston Limousine -- their customer service was really good. I made the decision to have two separate transportation companies - but I shouldn't have. Reston was far superior. Their customer service standards are really high," says Angie.