This Women's History Month, Visit Loudoun is celebrating Loudoun's female farmers. Take a listen to what these inspiring women have to say about working in agriculture!



"I've got several friends — a lot of girlfriends — that are behind me, that help me out in this business."

- Paige Critchley



"I've met so many great women, and I just feel like it's really comforting to know other women who love to do the same thing I love to do."

- Rebecca Brouwer



"Women, to me, are really inspirational. They've been great support systems for me."

- Casey Wisch



"Well, women rock. I mean, it's that simple."

- Harriet Wegmeyer



"I was brought up and instilled with the belief that you can do anything in life."

- Cyndie Rinek



"Both Sarah and I really pride ourselves on the fact that we are women who are owning a business — who are farming in Loudoun County."

- Pam Jones, with Sarah Waybright



Watermark Woods Native Plants

"Being a woman in farming — in agriculture — in Loudoun is very important because it's a sense of community."

- Julie Borneman