Sure, this wall, in the chandelier room downstairs at Sunset Hills Vineyard, looks like just another wall. But take a closer look. This 25 foot long (give or take) wall was part of the original foundation when the barn was built in the 1870s, but when owner Mike Canney was overseeing the construction and transformation of this large bank barn into a winery, the Amish family that were working on it told him to take a look. At that point, this wall was covered in lots of dirty, muddy, and ugly mortar. Mike initially thought they would just paint over the cleaned up mortar, and try to make it as good as it could, given the condition. But the Amish insisted it would look stunning if they uncovered the original wall. Skeptical, Mike gave the go-ahead. So the two Amish craftsman worked for four months restoring this wall, chiseling it by hand. Slowly they uncovered the original stones and repointed the mortar. What's left is, with the possible exception of the two beautiful European chandeliers, is the signature aspect to the room. Outfitted with a table with seating for a large group, today this room is perfect for an intimate wedding rehearsal dinner, wine dinner, or other private functions. And if you're lucky enough to attend an event in this room, the character of the building will weave its way into the entire experience, and you would probably never know that this amazing example of craftsmanship from another time almost remained hidden. Lucky for you, it isn't anymore.

Sunset Hills Vineyard is full of great architectural details and interesting points of interest.

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