1.  Your go-to light beer just isn't doing it for you anymore


Lost Rhino Brewery

With the craft beer scene rising, DCs Wine County isn't just about wine anymore. Our breweries offer everything from live music and tours to unique concoctions created by local brewmasters. In January, try Lost Rhino's Bone Dusters made from yeast extracted from fossils.

  2.  Your dog is tired of running around in circles in that city apartment

Have you noticed that your little dog isn't so little anymore? It's hard for dogs to run around in apartments or on crowded streets. Let your furry friend run free for a weekend at the dog-friendly Lansdowne Resort, then take him or her to enjoy the view at one of our wineries that welcome them like 8 Chains North, which recently opened a fenced in dog park for fido to enjoy while you drink a glass or two.

3.  You know there's more to wine tasting than swirling a glass

You may know to swirl before you sip, but there is a lot more to trying a wine. Our boutique-style wineries give you a chance to talk directly with winemakers and vineyard owners so you can learn all about making and tasting Virginia wine. Visit our winery page to see which of our 40-plus wineries you want to check out first.

         4.  Nothing warms you in the winter quite like whiskey (trust us, it's science)


Catoctin Creek Distillery

                       Whether you are trying to warm up in the cold winter or just craving that warm feeling, Loudoun's distilleries have you covered with their spirits. Visit Catoctin Creek or Mt. Defiance and let them show you that DC's Wine County knows a lot more than just how to make a good vino.

         5.  Your college football team is officially out of the playoff picture

I know it seems like the world is over when your team loses, but don't worry life goes on. Just in case you are frustrated at the entire sports world, blow off some steam at Harper's Ferry Adventure Center by zip lining, rock climbing or hiking! You could also relax at Salamander Resort and Spa and check out their new Empower zip lining facility running a special deal for our DC Cool promotions.

         6.  They know you by name at Subway and Five Guys and Chipotle...

JG Patomack Diners food and wine

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farms

Don't limit your restaurant choices by the ones who know you by name and by order. Broaden your horizons and enjoy the many gourmet restaurants Loudoun offers like The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm, Magnolias at the Mill or Goodstone Inn & Restaurant. Pick your craving, pick your restaurant and you won't be disappointed.

         7.  You spend your days looking at skyscrapers instead of sunshine

Any season is the perfect season to visit Loudoun and take in the view. With sweeping views of the mountains, rolling countryside, lush vineyards and horse farms, you will forget about the skyline and remember just how breathtaking nature can be.

  8.  Your idea of romance has turned into a candlelit pizza dinner

Romance isn't just meant for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. Every day in Loudoun is a reason to celebrate with your love. Salamander Resort & Spa, Goodstone Inn & Restaurant and Lansdowne Resort offer great romance packages for couples who crave spa trips, champagne, chocolate and quality time together.

       9.  Video games are melting your child's (or boyfriend's) brain

Family time is important and no I'm not talking about the time the kids spend with their family on Sims, but real family time. Get active with your family at Pev's Paintball, learn something new together at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum at Dulles or get up close and personal with the animals of Loudoun at Great Country Farms or Temple Hall Farms if the weather is nice.

Lansdowne spa

Minerale Spa at Lansdowne Resort

     1o.  The only thing better than "Family Time" is "Me Time"

Sometimes though...it's all about enjoying a weekend to yourself. Get pampered at the spa while staying in one of our resorts, spend a day or two shopping at the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets or the town boutiques like Lucketts Antiques. After buying a new outfit, check out all of the great wineries like Sunset Hills Vineyard or Bluemont Vineyard.


While I only mentioned ten, the reasons for experiencing a weekend, or longer, in Loudoun are never-ending. Come to Loco to discover your own reasons for visiting and share them with us!